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Hardwood Repair

So, you have hardwood that you love but it is looking old, or scuffed up or perhaps you have had some water damage.

We can Help!


We can sand, stain, finish  your hardwood or engineered floor, rip out damaged sections and feather it in with new hardwood or engineered flooring and have your flooring look fresh, new and loved again.


We can do a small area, a room or the entire hardwood in your home.

We are here to help your home achieve its value and beauty.

Please go to our contact page to make an appointment or to get a quote.

Carpet Repairs

Sometimes, we have little 'accidents' with our carpet. Perhaps a small stain, a tear or it is still looking good but has stretched out a little.

We can Help!

Tears, if not too big can often be fixed and if you happen to have some carpet pieces left over from the installation (yes, you are allowed to keep what is left from an install) a small patch can often be made to hide a stain.


Sometimes if the 'accident' is in an area where a perfect dye lot match isn't needed, we can order a small amount of carpet to fix the issue.

Other times an older carpet still looks good but needs a 'little kick' - a re-stretch to tighten it up to look new again.

Contact us and we will take a look and give you our honest opinion as to whether your carpet can be repaired - they often can!







Classic Carpet Service Inc can perform minor or major renovations to your bathrooms or Kitchen area. We will work with your contractor, insurance company or act as a contractor/manager if it is a small project.

Whether it's a new backsplash or an entirely new bathroom or Kitchen, we can get the job done and work within your budget and your style choices.


"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all your time & hard work to put our carpet in our basement.  You did a fantastic job - we are so pleased!"

                                the 'M' Family


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